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Discover what other mission-focused Adventists lay-people are doing to reach their secular and unchurched friends.
Who are reaching their secular and unchurched friends who will not come to their local church.
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"Many places in the New Testament refer to "the church in your house." The "house church" was the original method of all local churches in the Bible. A small group of believers would gather in a dining room of a home, study the Scriptures, discuss their meaning, pray together and sing hymns. It was small and it was informal. It usually included a meal."
Dan Jackson, retired
North American Division President
“We are finding that simple house churches are especially effective in reaching people who don’t attend any church, and would probably never enter the four walls of a traditional church building. House churches are also extremely cost-effective. These congregations are lay-led and do not have the overhead expenses of church buildings.”
Gary Krause
General Conference
Adventist Mission Director
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